The Colombian consultancy agency EMA (Export Marketing Agency) has conducted a big customer satisfaction survey for our subsidiary in Colombia.

According to their survey, the majority of the respondents consider Primoris as a renowned partner for their activities.

The high quality is considered as one of the key factors of the success, not only when it comes to the analyses but also the quality of the service scores high in this survey. This quality reflects in a high reliability: our Colombian clients are satisfied about the used technology, the methods, the techniques, the quality of the analysis and the reports. Furthermore, they see the international certification of the laboratory as an important asset.

For our Colombian clients, the main reasons to choose Primoris are the quality, the speed, the competitive prices and the international certification of our laboratory.

Name change

The Primoris baseline “Your reliability in food analysis” clearly reflects the opinion of our Colombian clients. As from this month, the name Fytolab disappears and will be replaced by our new name Primoris, nicely illustrated by our new logo and baseline.