Newsletter #13




Quality: successful proficiency tests autumn 2017

Proficiency tests are part of the daily activities of Primoris. These are independent checks on the quality of laboratory analysis. Based on the results of these proficiency tests, the performance of the analytical method is evaluated and, if necessary, improved. Some of these proficiency test samples are sent in undercover, in order to meet the highest possible quality standards.

In autumn of 2017, Primoris successfully took part in the annual QS proficiency test. Due to the great result of this test, the QS recognition of Primoris has been renewed with ease for 2018. Moreover, for more then 10 years in a row, Primoris has succeeded to maintain and renew the QS recognition. Through this recognition Primoris shows that even additional requirements are met, such as a wide accreditation scope, content of the analyses and good results in QS and other ring tests.

Also in the autumn of 2017, Primoris has obtained excellent results in ring tests for fipronil in products of animal origin (Rikilt).

In December, January and February Primoris took part in the following ring tests:

  • BNN-SYNABIO: pesticides on wheat meal
  • Relana UC: pesticides on rape seed oil
  • EUPT-CF12: pesticides on hay flour
  • FAPAS 04331: aflatoxins in milk