Newsletter #14




Quality: overview proficiency tests March and April

Proficiency tests are part of the daily activities of Primoris. These are independent checks on the quality of laboratory analysis. Based on the results of these ring tests, the performance of the analytical method is evaluated and, if necessary, improved. Some of these ring tests are undercover tests in order to meet the highest possible quality standards.

In March and April, Primoris took part in the following ring tests:

  • EURL-FV: pesticides on green beans with pods
  • EURT-FV: pesticides green beans with pods (recognition Fruitmonitoring, BNN and QS)
  • Proof-ACS: pesticides and contaminants on mushroom
  • FAPAS: ergot alkaloids on rye flour
  • Proof-ACS: pesticides on carrot (BNN recognition)
  • EURL-AO: pesticides on milk powder
  • Proof-ACS: alternaria toxins on tomato