Newsletter #14




Support: do you know all our reporting possibilities?

Different analyses, different businesses, different needs. At Primoris, we want to offer flexible tools and service adapted to the activities and purposes of our clients. A clear example of this flexibility are the customisable reporting possibilities. Furthermore, we want to give our customers relevant info on their report. This info can vary according to the company activities, the type of analysis, …

1. Choice of tolerance

Analytical results can be compared to different tolerances. You can compare the results to for example EU limits, organic limits, EU pharmacopeia, … Also, when this is irrelevant to you, no tolerances can be selected as well (e.g. for flowers).

Also if you wish to compare with regulations and limits from other countries (for example outside Europe), feel free to contact us, as we have an in-house support team specialised in legislation.

2. Reporting options

We have a set of standard reporting options and destinations available for you.

When using Extranet, you can add more reporting options yourself. When you’re not using Extranet, please contact our customer care team so that we can set up the desired reporting options:

Long report

= Standard report with the analytical result and the scope of searched active substances with reporting limits

Short report

= Standard report without the full scope of searched active substances

Retailer info

  • ARfD Retailer overview = optional report containing the analytical result compared to the requirements of over 15 international retailers
  • Retailer report = optional report containing the analytical result compared to the requirements of 1 specific retailer.

3. Languages

At this moment we offer 5 different languages in our reporting tool: English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. Each report can be sent in one or in all of these languages. The choice is yours!

4. Reporting destinations

4.1. E-mail

We send out all reports via email. As an ISO 14001 recognised lab, Primoris has a certified environmental policy and digital reporting is one of the actions contributing to this policy.

  • You can add as many email addresses as you want, since we know that reports can be of importance for different people within a company.

4.2. Specific alerts in case of limit exceedances

In case of exceedance of the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL - pesticides) or Maximum Limit (ML - mycotoxins and other contaminants), we support our customers with extra alert emails containing info about the exceeding result and, for some alerts, the steps they must undertake to comply with the applicable rules.

4.3. External databases

On request, Primoris can set up a reporting system with external databases, like QS and Fruitmonitoring. Thanks to this customized reporting option, we can contribute to the optimization of the workflow of our customers. 

More info

Your market manager and our customer care team are happy to give you more info: