Newsletter #16




Quality: Overview proficiency tests

Proficiency tests are part of Primoris’ everyday operation. These are independent tests that try to verify the analysis quality of a laboratory. Further, their results are used to evaluate the performance of the analysis methods and, if necessary, adjust them. Subsequently, Primoris also takes part in various undercover proficiency tests to meet the strictest quality demands possible.

In July, August and September Primoris entered in the following proficiency tests:

  • Italian NRL AO: pesticides on olive oil
  • BNN: pesticides on cherries
  • Proof-ACS: mineral oils on edible oil and chocolate muesli
  • Sciensano: mycotoxins on oat flour
  • FAPAS: contaminants on cocoa butter
  • FAPAS : pesticides on wheat flour

Primoris’ expertise recognized by the organic sector

For many years, Primoris has been approved by two major organic organizations:


Primoris is approved by the German "Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren" (BNN) in the context of residu analysis on organic vegetables and fruits. As a result Primoris is listed as a certified laboratory and entitled to include BNN conclusions into our reporting system.


Primoris is recognized as one of the few laboratories, which, based on the recommendations of their participants, meets the high knowledge standards which are expected when performing high quality analysis on biological products.