Newsletter #7




Launch of reliable analyses for Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus

As from January 9th, PRIMORIS is also your reliable partner for the analysis of the foodborne viruses Norovirus (type GI and GII) and Hepatitis A virus. Thanks to a very intense collaboration with experts in the field of virology, microbiology and food preservation, we were able to develop a method that offers the highest possible reliability for the difficult NoV and HAV detection.

Sample matrices

We offer the analysis of foodborne viruses on fresh produce and fruits:

  • unprocessed vegetables and fruits
  • cut ready-to-eat vegetables and fruits
  • unpasteurized fruit/vegetable juices
  • frozen vegetables and fruits

Specialists involved in method development - Accreditation

Our detection procedure is based on the ISO Technical Specification 15216, describing a quantitative and qualitative horizontal method for determination of HAV and NoV in food using RT-qPCR (ISO/TS 15216:2).

NoV and HAV detection are still very difficult and hampered by several limitations, especially in the extraction process. That is why, in the development of our method, we worked closely together with two international authorities in the field of virology, microbiology and food preservation: prof. dr. ir. Mieke Uyttendaele and Prof. dr. ir. Liesbeth Jacxsens of the accredited Laboratory for Food Microbiology and Food Preservation, part of the Belgian Ghent University. 

Thanks to this collaboration and especially the knowledge of these experts, we were able to take the extraction process of the method to a new level. This has lead to the development of a method that offers the highest possible reliability.

The method has been approved for accreditation and we expect to receive the new accreditation certificate in the first quarter of 2017.

Avoid risk and check your safety management system

The past few years, we’ve noticed an increasing number of alerts and reported outbreaks of foodborne viruses in foods. Viruses mostly associated with viral foodborne illnesses and outbreaks are Norovirus (NoV) and Hepatitis A virus (HAV). Noroviruses have been recognized in Europe as a leading cause of foodborne gastroenteritis over the last decade. HAV causes very severe inflammation of the liver (hepatitis).

There are actually limited European legislation and microbiological criteria in place for Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus in fresh produce and derived products. However, each food business operator must comply with the requirements of good practices and HACCP and viruses can be addressed as a potential hazard in certain production processes. So avoid risk and check your food safety management system.  

Pricing and other details

Please contact your market manager or our customer team for more info.