Analyses on fipronil: launch additional specific short analysis method on September 7th

Following the actual fipronil crisis, the past few weeks we’ve been working hard on an additional quick individual method for customers that are only interested in the fipronil compound. This extra accredited method, carrying the new method code [FIP_01_A] is available starting from Thursday September 7th.

How do you request this method?

In extranet you can select the new method code [FIP_01_A] starting from September 7th. If you don’t use this free online tool yet, please mention this method code clearly on the sample request form.


Launch date

September 7th 2017

Method code



  • Sum of fipronil & fipronil-sulfone
  • Sum of fipronil & fipronil-desulfinyl (baby food)

Sample types

eggs, egg products, meat, processed products



Under accreditation?


Reporting limit

0,0025 mg/kg

Reporting time

  • Standard: 3-5 working days
  • Fast: 36h
  • Faster analysis times are possible after consultation with the lab. Contact us for more details.


Do you still need the full GMS scope?

Next to this new method, you can still request the existing multimethod if you’re interested in the complete GMS scope:

  • Eggs and egg products – Method code: GMSO_01_A
  • Meat – Method code: GMSO_01_A
  • Processed products containing eggs – Method code: GMS

More info

Feel free to contact our customer care team: