Primoris … for a better world

Primoris is aware of its social role and as a specialised lab for residue and contaminant analysis in the agri-food sector it contributes to an improved food safety. Nonetheless, Primoris wants to go one step further and give back a little extra to society together with our customers and employees.


This year Primoris donates € 10.000 to three different charities, projects or actions that will be suggested by our customers and employees. Altogether Primoris provides € 30.000 to projects that contribute to a better world and are closely linked to the Primoris mission: a better food safety, product quality and sustainability.

  • Primoris donates 50 cents per sample in 2018, which will ultimately be divided between three selected projects, each of which will receive € 10.000
  • We allow both Belgian and international projects: any project is welcome, with the exception of proprietary projects
  • Both customers and employees of Primoris Belgium will be able to submit suggestions from 19 June until 1 October. Consequently a selection will be made:
  • Two projects from the customers’ suggestions
  • One project from the employees’ suggestions
  • The three selected projects will be announced at the beginning of December