Newsletter #11




Method update: accredited pesticide analyses on bees, beeswax, pollen and beebread

Primoris offers analyses of a broad range of commodities and thanks to specific attention to research in actual developments, Primoris has become an expert in the determination of pesticides and contaminants in more complex matrices.

Following the current issue concerning the possible presence of neonicotinoids in bees and apicultural products, we saw an increasing interest in analyses of insecticides in amongst others bees, beeswax, honey, pollen and beebread.

We want to support our customers as much as possible to analyze these matrices and recently, Primoris Belgium has been officially accredited for pesticide analyses on bees, beeswax, pollen and beebread.


  • Honey and apicultural products are included in Regulation 396/2005. This regulation applies only to edible products, so not on bees and beeswax.  

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