Newsletter #11




Quality: overview ring tests

As part of ensuring a constant quality control and -improvement, Primoris takes part in many national and international ring tests. These are independent checks on the quality of laboratory analysis. Based on the results of these ring tests, the performance of the analytical method is evaluated and, if necessary, improved. Some of these ring tests are undercover tests in order to meet the highest possible quality standards.

Annual audits, the use of undercover ring test samples and constant evaluation of competence and customer support levels are just some examples of how the highest possible guarantee on reliable analysis and high quality support can be pursued.

In July, August and September, Primoris took part in the following ring tests:

  • COIPT-17: pesticides on olive oil
  • Coda Cerva Multi-mycotoxin 2017: mycotoxins on maize
  • Relana/Proof ACS P1712-RT: pesticides & tropane alkaloids on sorghum
  • FAPAS 15122 : nitrate on lettuce