Service: beneficial sample collection offer for our customers

At Primoris we want to support our customers from the first step in the analytical process with a fast and efficient sample collection. Primoris has a collaboration with the door to door transport company DHL to enable our customers to deliver samples at our lab in Zwijnaarde (BE) at attractive pricing conditions. This service is available for all our customers worldwide.

Addition of karanjin to multi residue method

At Primoris, we keep track of new relevant pesticides and contaminants. Hence, detecting and including new arising active substances in our scope is part of our daily activities. On 15 November, we extended the scope of our multi residue methods via LC-MSMS with the active substance karanjin, getting more and more attention lately. Karanjin is not authorized on European level.

Launch of new reporting option and tolerance

On 2 November we've activated two important updates in our reporting options and tolerances that we offer you:
  1. Addition of risk intake calculation through PRIMo model
  2. Introduction of FDA legislation in reporting

Primoris approved for the French ‘Crédit Impôt Recherche’

Good news for our French customers! As of now on, Primoris is also approved for the French system ‘Crédit d’Impôt Recherche’ (CIR) by the French government ‘Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation’. Thanks to CIR, French companies can invest in research and be partially reimbursed for their R&D efforts.

Ciboris webinar on 16 December: Food fraud detection by fingerprinting and an example in spices and herbs

Food Fraud is a topic of rising concern, both for the food industry and for consumers, as well as for regulatory bodies. However, for most food products, methods for the chemical analysis for food fraud are lacking. Ciboris has tested fingerprinting techniques for the detection of food fraud.  In this webinar, we will discuss this approach and show our results in oregano, a herb that is very sensitive to adulteration.

Update European legislation

The European Commission has published some interesting modifications in the European legislation. On our website, we give you an overview of these modifications and we update this list every two weeks. Also, we send out emailings to our customers with the interesting updates.

Quality: overview ring tests

Proficiency tests, independent controls of a laboratory’s analysis quality, are part of Primoris’ everyday operation. Primoris takes part in proficiency tests organized by reputable institutions in the context of European monitoring, internal quality assurance and approvals and certifications.

Closing dates in 2021

Primoris is only closed on the official Belgian holidays and we remain open during the year end holidays.