Primoris seminar 2022 | A disrupted supply chain: what should you keep in mind?

On Tuesday 14 June we organised our annual seminar, which this year could be hosted live again, for the first time since the covid crisis. During this year's edition, we discussed the topic "A disrupted supply chain: what should you keep in mind?" with the following presentations


  • Risk assessment during a disrupted supply chain - Veerle Van der Sypt (FVP House en Fresh Trade Belgium)

  • What is the effect of a disrupted production chain to residue analyses? Hans Braeckman (Primoris Holding)

  • Ciboris: detection of food fraud by means of fingerprinting analyses - Bram Miserez (Ciboris)

  • Results residue monitoring 2021 - Christophe Keppens (FAVV)


The Dutch AGF magazine was also present and provided us with a extended report and a nice picture reel. The article is in Dutch, but you can consult the various pictures by clicking on this link.