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  • Multi-method for the determination of mycotoxins in animal feed, cereals and cereal products, coffee, dried fruits and nuts (individual analysis of these mycotoxins is also possible using the method codes: AFL, DON, FUM, T2, OTA or ZEA) [MYC]


  • Multi-residue methods by GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS for >500 compounds - Quantification of pesticides in fruit, vegetables, cereals, soil and water. [GMS] [LMS]
  • Multi-Residue method by LC-MSMS in negative mode for 31 compounds for the quantification of pesticides in fruit, vegetables, cereals and water (other commodities on request) [NEG_01_A]
  • Multi-Residue method by LC-MSMS in negative mode for 15 compounds for the quantification of phenoxy acidic herbicides after hydrolysis in fruit, vegetables, cereals and water (other commodities on request) [HYDR_01_A]
  • Multi-residue method, by LC-MS/MS, for the fast quantification of selected pesticides in fruit, vegetables and cereals [LMS5]
  • Quantification of amitraz and its metabolites in fruit, vegetables, cereals and cereal products. [AMI]
  • Quantification of dithiocarbamates in fruit, vegetables and cereals in conventional, organic and babyfood products. [CS] [CS2] and [DTC]
  • Quantification of glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate in fruit, vegetables and cereals. [GLY1]
  • Quantification of mectins in fruit, vegetables, cereals and cereal products. [MEC]
  • Quantification of chlormequat and mepiquat in fruit, vegetables and cereals. [QU1]
  • Quantification of diquat and paraquat in fruit, vegetables and cereals. [QU2]

Other contaminants

  • Multi-residue method for the determination and quantification of dioxins and dioxin like PCBs in food and feed [DIOX_01_A] and [PCBD_01_A]
  • Multi-residue method, by LC-MSMS, for the quantification of quaternairy amonium compounds in fruit, vegetables and cereals [QAC]

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