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Harmonised action limits for MOAH in food

November 2022

Due to the particular toxicological relevance of MOAH in food, some EU Member States requested some harmonized cut-off values for enforcement throughout the EU. Considering this is not an official regulation, each Member State can decide how to implement the abovementioned maximum levels.

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Succesful relana audit

Primoris is part of relana, the quality circle of a dozen European labs concerning analysis of pesticides and contaminants. Earlier this year Primoris saw a relana audit and received excellent feedback. In the first place the lab shows a high and stable level of quality and furthermore, the auditors were impressed with the competence of our staff.

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Flash news

Legislation | Inorganic arsenic in cereal, rice and babyfood

On 06/03/2023 the European Commission published regulation 2023/0465 regarding the maximum levels of inorganic arsenic in certain foods. 

Maleic Hydrazide on LC-MS/MS

As of now we will analyse maleic hydrazide (MH) using LC-MS/MS instead of UV, resulting in faster and more precise results.

Scope update LMS - February 2023

We are constantly following up on the demands of our customers and the market in general, while keeping a close eye on the evolutions of the residue legislation. As a result we continuously adjust our scope in order to keep offering you relevant and qualitative methods. As of Monday 20/02/2023 we will implement another expansion of our LC-MS/MS multiresidue methods, introducing six new components which will all be reported according to the current residue definition.