Newsletter #21




Exclusive for Primoris Colombia

Primoris Colombia now has, as the first laboratory in Colombia, a special permit to import samples of fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. into Colombia. This permit is granted by ICA (el Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario), the official Colombian institute for agriculture that is in charge of the phytosanitary controls for fresh products. Primoris Colombia is recognised by ICA for, amongst other things, the analysis of chemical pesticides for agricultural purposes.

In order to obtain this permit, Primoris Colombia has equipped a specialĀ import laboratory, which meets the strict demands of ICA, in order to avoid that, in case of sample reception, viruses or insects contaminate the environment.

Due to this important permit, Primoris Colombia can support the sector even better and expand its services to the neighbouring countries. Currently, Primoris Colombia analyses a wide array of products, with a strong emphasis on palm oil, bananas, avocados and all sorts of tropical fruits.