Customer satisfaction is a central value for Primoris.

Every three years we ask an independent company to perform a survey via telephone, in order to analyse the perception and appreciation of our customers concerning various aspects of our company, products and services that Primoris offers. We then compare the results to those of previous surveys, in order to better assess our development. Furthermore, based on the conclusions and recommendations, we enhance our services and develop a strategic plan for Primoris Colombia.

We want to thank the companies that participated for their time and positive feedback.

The level of satisfaction of the 2019 survey is 5,58 on a scale of 1 to 6 (6 being completely satisfied). According to our clients, these are our strong points:

  1. our customer service
  2. the response time
  3. the reliability of our results

Out of the companies that were surveyed, 97,5% would recommend Primoris' services to other companies and institutions. 

These results fill us with pride and provide us with motivation to keep working hard on an excellent service.