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Pesticide analysis lab

Pesticide analysis is Primoris' lab’s historic speciality. Since 1970, we have been providing innovation and know-how to organisations and companies in the food industry for the analysis of pesticides. A pesticide - or plant protection product - is a substance or mixture of substances used to destroy, suppress or modify undesirable elements on crops. It can be derived from natural components, synthetically manufactured or be an organism.


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Pesticide analysis methods covering the full spectrum of demands

Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and rodenticides are among the pesticides used in commercial, domestic, urban and rural environments. Pesticide analysis in Primoris' lab is accompanied by continuous monitoring of the legislation that applies to the thousands of registered pesticides. For each sector of activity, Primoris’ lab has developed specific and relevant multi-residue methods, which provide the best guarantees on the quality of each pesticide analysis.

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The Primoris lab conducts pesticide analyses on a wide range of organic food products. We analyse everything from fruits, oils and vegetables to processed products, baby food, cereals, livestock feed and many others. Our laboratories comply with all relevant European standards for pesticide analysis. Contact us if you would like more information. Call us on +32 (0)9 330 10 13 or send an e-mail to