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Pesticide analysis of fruit

A fruit pesticide analysis takes into account every specificity of the food: for example, additional tests are carried out if it is an organic fruit. The conditions under which this analysis is carried out are key. Because the results must be accurate and reliable, the machinery used by the food laboratory is modern and has state-of-the-art technology. The fruit analysis is therefore carried out quickly.


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Quality control during the pesticide analysis of fruit

Quality and residue control is of paramount importance. Does the fruit contain pesticides and in what quantity? Is food safety ensured? In any case, the most stringent requirements are met by analysing the fruit within eight hours. This fruit analysis is always carried out by an experienced laboratory technician who is continuously trained in new techniques and the European monitoring programme. Moreover, you can also rely on us for the pesticide analysis of heavy metals.

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The laboratory's assistance service works alongside producers, distributors, import and export companies and processors to facilitate the marketing of their products. Fruit analysis meets current standards and offers various guarantees. The quality of the product is highlighted and proof of origin is given. Contact us for more information or discover the possibilities for other products, such as vegetable oils, by calling us on +32 (0)9 330 10 13 or sending an e-mail to