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Pesticide analysis of vegetable oils

The pesticide analysis of vegetable oils reveals the presence of substances that are potentially harmful to the body. The role of the food laboratory is to determine the quantity of the product in question and to identify the effects in the event of ingestion or transmission through the pores of the skin. Oilseeds and vegetable oils, essential oils and plant extracts are considered as complex products requiring a specific matrix.


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To which stakeholders is the pesticide analysis of vegetable oils relevant?

The pesticide analysis of vegetable oils primarily concerns farmers and all actors in the chain, including producers, baby food manufacturers, the organic market, the residue-free market, pet food manufacturers, and even the Federal Food Agency. Processors, as well as import and export companies, auction organisers and supermarkets, need reliable results that cannot be contested.

Let us carry out an oil analysis

The pesticide analysis of vegetable oils is carried out by a laboratory technician. The sample taken is registered and then studied. The standard turnaround time is 3 to 5 days, but the procedure can be accelerated: 36 hours are sufficient for a quick analysis and eight hours for an urgent analysis. Please contact our staff if you still have any questions. Call us on +32 (0)9 330 10 13 or send an e-mail to