For organic produce, Primoris offers several methods that are very well suited for organic produce and where the reporting limits of plant protection products are compliant to the rules for organic produce. Recent developments have resulted in the fact that we created our main multi methods for organic produce as well. These methods have a reporting limit of 0,01 mg/kg or lower per compound. This also goes for the method DTC that reports dithiocarbamates on 0,01 mg/kg.

Primoris has built up a lot of experience working together with organic food producers and organisations. Specific methods for the determination of pesticides were developed to support this market segment and the more stringent legislation:

  • Multi-residue methods by GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS for >500 compounds for organically cultivated products and Baby Food products - Quantification of pesticides in fruit, vegetables, cereals. (Reporting limits ≤ 0.01 mg/kg). [GMSL_01_A] [LMSL_01_A]
  • Quantification of dithiocarbamates in fruit, vegetables and cereals in conventional, organic and babyfood products. [CS] [CS2] and [DTC]

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