Primoris offers the analysis of a broad range of commodities and continuously invests in research to be an expert in the determination of pesticides and contaminants, also on special, more complex commodities. 


For a lot of those commodities, no specific legislation is actually in place. In order to make a correct interpretation of the analysis result, follow the general MRL rules described in the pesticide EU-MRLs (Regulation (EC) N°396/2005) and active substances (Regulation (EC) N°1107/2009) for the following commodities:

  • Animal products such as milk, meat, fat, cheese, honey
  • Spices
  • Sugar crops
  • Tea, coffee and cacao
  • Others

However, not all more complex commodities are described in the Regulation (EC) N°396/2005 above.

  • Oil containing seeds and vegetable oils
    • There are no specific rules in place for oil containing seeds and vegetable oils. In this case, we advise to look up the MRL legislation of the raw product.
  • Plant extracts such as medicinal preparations and essential oils
    • For medicinal preparations, we advise to have a look at the rules set up by the Pharmacopoeia. When the Pharmacopoeia doesn't mention specific rules for the matrix, it is useful to look up the MRL legislation of the raw product. 


Maximum levels for mycotoxins and other contaminants are set in Regulation (EC) 1881/2006 and subsequent amendments.