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  • Quality: Overview proficiency tests

    Proficiency tests, independent controls of a laboratory’s analysis quality, are part of Primoris’ everyday operation. The past months Primoris participated in the following proficiency tests:

    • BNN: pesticides in tomato passata
    • Sciensano: mycotoxins in rusk
    • DRRR: mineral oils in cocoa butter and cholocate
    • FAPAS: pesticides in milk powder
    • Proof-ACS: pesticides in sweet pepper
    • Relana: pesticides in babyleaf lettuce
    • FAPAS: heavy metals in dried herbs
    • FAPAS: pesticides in parsley
    • FAPAS: MCPD in vegetable oil
  • Accredited analyses on ethylene oxide in food & feed

    Since Monday 26 October, Primoris can support you with accredited analyses to quantify ethylene oxide in food and feed. Ethylene oxide (ETO) is an antimicrobial and conventional chemical and has been used for over 40 years for both insecticidal treatments and for the sterilization of foodstuffs.  Ethylene oxide reduced microbial load in whole and ground spices or other seasoning materials. 

  • Primoris team joined by new market managers

    We would like to introduce Sofie Coelus as our new market manager for Belgium. As of now she will offer support to our Belgian customers, together with our extensive customer care team. We are convinced that Sofie will be able to offer solid and well-informed support to our customers, thanks to her comprehensive background in chromatography and food research. Following our increasing activities in France, our French colleagues can also welcome a new member to their team. Leena Jamet has started on 19 October and is currently receiving an extensive training. In the future our French customers will also be able to count on her dedicated support.


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  • Lowering of reporting limit to 0,01 mg/kg for analyses on ethylene oxide

    Since Monday 26 October, Primoris can support you with accredited analyses to quantify ethylene oxide in food and feed. Samples that are registered as from Tuesday 10 November for ethylene oxide analysis will be reported with a reporting limit of 0,01 mg/kg

  • Service of Primoris during corona crisis

    UPDATE 27 October 2020Belgium is currently dealing with a second wave of the coronavirus. For the moment, this new wave has no impact on our activities and we will do everything within our power to ensure the continuity of our services to our customers. It goes without saying that we take all necessary safety and hygienic measures to assure food safety on a daily basis.

  • Launch of accredited analyses on 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD and GE in vegetable oils and fats

    As from now on, Primoris is also your partner for high quality and accredited analyses on 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD and glycidyl esters (GE) in vegetable oils and fats.